SCHEUgENG Creative Studios - The GENG Production Lounge: Spaces for Members of the Community

SCHEUgENG Creative Studios consist of several studio spaces that can be customized and retrofitted to fit the needs of those renting the space and the needs of the larger community. These spaces are the GENG Production Lounge and VIRG Mob Studio which can be rented out by individuals or organizations/businesses to be used for events, business operations, brand building, and creative endeavors. In addition, both these spaces have specific creative studio configurations that can be set up and customized in addition to the many other setups that both spaces are suitable for.

The GENG Production Lounge consists of two rooms in SCHEUgENG Creative Studios that can be rearranged and retrofitted depending on how the space will be used. In addition to the many forms this space can transform into to fit the needs of the community like presentation space, office space, podcast recording set, etc., the GENG Production Lounge can also be configured as a photography and video production studio.

GENG Production Lounge aims to support creatives within the Lehigh Valley Community by presenting opportunities for photographers, video producers, and other creatives of all levels to continue to develop their skills and their brands. With short-term rental options and flexible setups, the GENG Production Lounge studios are an accessible and affordable option that provides creatives and entrepreneurs a space to use as their own but only when they need it. For those just getting started with photography and video production, they are able to access spaces and resources that can assist with the development of skills and understanding of the equipment that would normally be out of reach. For more experienced photographers, production companies, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs our studios can serve as a base of operation to serve clients or an extension of an existing studio to assist with expanding into new markets.

The studio spaces of the GENG Lounge at SCHEUgENG Creative Studios can also be set up and used for non-creative purposes by businesses, organizations, individuals, and students in and around the Lehigh Valley.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities and people around the world have been forced to resort to new ways of working, living, and creating art often focused on the idea of staying home. The SCHEUgENG Creative Studios team has seen the impact this is having on our community and wanted to help provide solutions and alternatives for all people and entities to continue to serve clients, build brands, run businesses, express artistic gifts, and develop creative skills while staying safe and healthy. By providing options for those within and near the Lehigh Valley, we hope to provide spaces where entities or individuals can come even if only for a few hours to finish some important work, hold a necessary meeting, make some progress on their latest art project, or even just have a few hours out of the house all while staying safe and following health guidelines. The GENG Production Lounge allows for all this and can be rented by any of the groups listed above by transforming into an office setup, a podcast recording set, an art studio, a pop-up shop, presentation space, and many more.

For more information on the GENG Production Lounge please visit the GENG Lounge page on the SCHEUgENG Creative Studios website,

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