New Community Rental Spaces for Creative and Professional Development - SCHEUgENG Creative Studios

What’s New

Over the past few months, SCHEUgENG Creative has been restructuring our studios to better serve the Lehigh Valley community of creatives, students, entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses. By presenting members of the community the opportunity to rent out multipurpose studio spaces on a short term basis, we hope to promote creative expression and the entrepreneurial spirit within the Lehigh Valley.

SCHEUgENG Creative Studios is the creation of three Lehigh University graduates who experienced first-hand the lack of opportunities for creative expression in the Lehigh Valley and took it upon themselves to provide a communal space for personal, artistic, and professional development.

After outgrowing our first studio in Downtown Historic Bethlehem, we relocated to a thriving industrial park nearby that provided us with enough space to expand our studios. This move also presented us with the opportunity to open our doors to the growing Lehigh Valley community.

As a result of the current pandemic, companies and individuals in the Lehigh Valley and around the world were forced to change the way they live and work. SCHEUgENG Creative saw the impact this was having on our community and wanted to help provide solutions and alternatives for all people and entities to continue to serve clients, build brands, run businesses, express artistic gifts, and develop creative skills while staying safe and healthy. With offices and schools closed and reduced access to resources, many businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs were forced to operate out of homes or shut down operations completely. Many students, artists, and creative individuals had no choice but to stop expressing themselves through the arts due to a lack of resources or space. These are obstacles that SCHEUgENG Creative Studios strives to eliminate by providing these parties spaces they can customize and retrofit specifically for their needs without the long term financial obligation of an office or studio lease.

Who is it For

For businesses, startups, organizations, and entrepreneurs, SCHEUgENG Creative Studios serves the purpose of a professional office setting in which business operations can be handled and managed as well as meetings, interviews, presentations, workshops, and other business events can be held. For entities located in the Lehigh Valley and entities located in neighboring cities and states (New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware) this presents an opportunity to have a centrally located space in historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania which can be used as your own office space when rented out by your entity. Unlike traditional leases, your entity will only pay for the space when you are physically using it. This provides the flexibility that many entities need to help their business survive or assist with expanding operations into the Lehigh Valley.

SCHEUgENG Creative Studios provide students and individuals a space in the community they can rent out for themselves and use for their creative, professional, and personal endeavors. The SCHEUgENG Creative Studio spaces can be configured and customized to fit the needs of the individual or student. By providing these spaces to the community, SCHEUgENG Creative hopes to promote artistic expression, the entrepreneurial spirit, and personal/professional brand development while maintaining a safe and isolated environment for students and individuals to focus on what they want to achieve.

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