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SCHEUgENG Creative Studios offers a limited number of studio memberships for those in the community who are dedicated to developing their artistic skills, establishing their brand, and/or growing their business. When you become a member of SCHEUgENG Creative Studios, you're joining the SCHEUgENG family and becoming part of a larger community of creatives. 

Membership Breakdown

A membership at SCHEUgENG Creative Studios is for those who are ready to join a community of dedicated creators and creatives and are striving to take their creative, personal, or professional passions to the next level. Our memberships are open to everyone including individuals, students, startups, businesses, and organizations as long as they are committed to being an active member of our community. Check below to learn about how you can benefit from a SCHEUgENG Creative Studios membership and please contact us with any questions about the program.

Memberships are available at varying lengths ( 3 months, 6 months, 1 year).

 Every membership has a one-time members fee which is paid at the beginning of each membership commitment. Members fees range depending on the length of committment.


Access to Member-Only Events and Workshops

Discounted Studio Rental Hourly Rate

Exclusive Promotion of Member's business, art, projects, etc... on SCHEUgENG Platforms

Members Discount at SCHEUgENG Studio Shop

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Fill out this form to apply for a studio membership or to receive more information about the program. We will reach out to you shortly after.



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