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GENG Production Lounge - SCHEUgENG Creative Studios




What are

The SCHEUGENG Creative Studios?

SCHEUgENG Creative Studios are the creation of three Lehigh University graduates who experienced first-hand the lack of opportunities for creative expression in the Lehigh Valley and took it upon themselves to provide a common space in the community for personal, artistic, and professional development. 

After outgrowing our first studio in Downtown Bethlehem, we relocated to a thriving industrial park nearby that provided us enough space to expand our studio. This move presented us the opportunity to open our doors to the growing community of creatives, artists, content creators, businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations forming in the Lehigh Valley. 

At SCHEUgENG Creative Studios we strive to promote creative development and empower local entrepreneurship by offering access to multipurpose studio spaces and resources that provide artists, businesses, and other creators in the Lehigh Valley an environment to develop their skills, express themselves, conduct business operations, and develop their personal or professional brands.

How can You benefit from These spaces?

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GENG Production Lounge - SCHEUgENG Creative Studios
VIRG Mob Studio - SCHEUgENG Creative Studios

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SCHEUgENG Creative also offers advertising and marketing services through DENKYEM Marketing

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SCHEUgENG Creative Studios 

2863 Brodhead Rd. Bethlehem, PA, 18020 

Email: scheugengbusiness@gmail.com

(402) 452-1610


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